I've always been concerned about the functionality of a vessel, never necessarily classifying what I do as "art", but more concerned about the usefulness of it. I want the things I make to play a part in the daily lives of the people who take them home. A part of their morning coffee ritual, dinners with family and friends, or a necessary nightcap after a long day. I want my wares to be the thing they reach for from the cabinet, not something that sits on a shelf collecting dust. 

I'm inspired by so many things; architecture, furniture, textiles and nature to name a few... But the tradition of throwing on the wheel has always fascinated me most of all. Going back to the most ancient Chinese and Japanese potters who handcrafted their wheels and spun them by hand. This speaks so clearly of commitment, craftsmanship and talent by the makers of our past. I love that I can be even a small part of that tradition of making.